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Muaythai Iyarin of Seattle, Wa Launches Muaythai Application, offering fully-packed SERVICEs

Muaythai Iyarin of Seattle, WA has released the MUAYTHAI IYARIN smartphone application. By launching the app, Muaythai Irayin aims to support members of the Muay Thai community by offering fighters and coaches a new platform to earn an income. The app is available for download on both IOS and Android.

Packed with straight-to-the-point Muay Thai techniques that can be easily understood by Thai and foreigners, the smartphone application showcases the art and culture of Muay Thai to people around the globe by:

  • Gathering the best very best Thai fighters and trainers to teach concise Muay Thai techniques on an online platform for the first time in the world.

  • Showcasing Thai culture and pride at an international level.

  • Offering a fully-packed and monthly membership service package so that members can stay caught-up with Muay Thai trends.

  • Offering in-depth Muay Thai news and daily updates by real Muay Thai professionals, as well as techniques from master boxers with champion titles.

  • Bringing Thailand closer to home, by allowing students to learn original

  • Muay Thai techniques with Thai fighters from anywhere in the world via the application.

Iyarin Deva, the CEO, and founder of Muaythai Iyarin understands that demand for Muay Thai instruction remains strong. Along with co-founder and trainer Tony Deva, they’ve seen membership gradually increase at their or their Seattle-based Muay Thai Gym. Tony Deva is also a promoter of both WBC amateur Muay Thai and WMC Amateur Muaythai competitions and has invested time bridging the Muay Thai community in Washington state with Thailand, having hosted a Rangsit-Stadium-affiliated event for the first time in the USA.

Together they have seen high demand for MauyThai training, even as many gyms have closed. In response, the courses available on the MUAYTHAI IYARIN application has been specially curated to be clear and concise.

Muaythai Iyarin’s long-term vision is that Muay Thai is more than a sport; it is the Thai national culture. It’s their hope that Muay Thai should be elevated and made accessible to people around the globe. It is a sport of possibilities, and the skills it can teach us to make it a martial art that everyone should learn.

Muaythai Iyarin has invested a large amount and manpower into making the Muaythai Iyarin application a one-stop place for training, news, and culture that can fit into its member’s lifestyles. The goal of the application is to be the number one application for those who are interested in learning Muaythai.

With this new platform, Muaythai fighters can now pass on their knowledge, gained from years of experience in the ring. The application offers a monthly membership package, starting at only $9.99 per month (approximately 300 THB per month). The package consists of instructional videos and a wide range of courses curated by Muaythai Iyarin. The courses range from Muaythai basics, fitness basics, Muaythai techniques, and exclusive Muaythai news updates. In addition to paid memberships, the app also offers Muaythai news and content.

The application is now available for free download on IOS and Android. The company is confident that the application will have a positive impact on those around the world who are interested in learning Muay Thai.

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