Introducing you to the app that represents Muaythai from Thailand.

Train anywhere with the Muaythai Iyarin App that gives you access to everything you need to build Muaythai skills just about anywhere—from your living room to a gym in Thailand. We've curated the best of conditioning, techniques from well-known Thai fighters and coaches, and courses that help you learn from the world's best.

Join us for a virtual course, led by a Thai champion, and connect with them for questions and feedback, visit the online store for gear, supplements, and apparel, or keep up-to-date on current Muaythai news and fight analysis. We even have the tools you need to plan a trip to Thailand, where you can meet your coach for in-person training in one of Thailand's top gyms. Whether you're new to Muaythai, a seasoned fighter, or a coach, the Muaythai Iyarin app has a wide range of content that can help you hone your Muaythai foundations and build new skills that you can put to use as you train.


FRee & Free

  • FREE Muaythai training clips, workout, famous Thai fighter VDOs, fight analysis, Muaythai news, history, and more.

  • Beginner-friendly with the right and unique safety techniques.

  • Fit your strength to learn Muaythai. 

  • A USA Weightlifting Certified Coach led our video content.

  • Excellent For beginner to advanced fighters.

Start at $29.99 

  • Packed with selected in-depth instruction videos from well-experienced trainers.

  • Discover secrets of deadly kick, badass combos, killer elbow knockout, and many more. 

  • Access to an exclusive Q&A session with your trainers.

  • Your trainers will receive a portion of revenue.

  • Train with the pros to be a pro!


Special Coming soon

  • Muaythai Gyms find a gym in Thailand and plan your stay.

  • All the hotel, flight, and everything are all in this program.

  • Secure payment for booking all the accommodations.

  • Muaythai Shop has Everything you need to get training, from boxing rings to apparel and supplements.

Muaythai Analysis

Please welcome Thailand’s two greatest Muaythai pressmen who will give you precise reports and in-depth analysis right from the ringside.

Mr. Pong, the kingpin of Muay Thai journalism and Mr. Nui-Daino, a rising star reporter who is well-known and connected to the Muaythai scene.


These two of Thailand’s top journalists will gather all things about Muaythai exclusively through Muaythai Iyarin App, the representative of Thailand that collects everything about the Muaythai industry.


Published to people interested in Muaythai from around the world in one place, do not miss!


(Coming Soon)

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