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Muaythai Iyarin Gym of Seattle announces the First presenter of the applicaTion Muaythai Iyarin

Muaythai Iyarin Gym of Seattle, WA, the United States of America announces the first presenter of the application Muaythai Iyarin, a must-have application for Muay Thai lovers.

Following the launch of the application Muaythai Iyarin, Muaythai Iyarin Gym, the number one Muay Thai gym of Seattle, WA, debuts “Lerdsila Muaythai Iyarin” as its first presenter of the application. With a large investment in marketing, it is aiming to become the most downloaded application for both Thai and other nationals and has signed with a boxer with champion title in 3 divisions whose nickname is “The Eel on a Skateboard” which derives from his high technicalities and agile evasion.

Madame Iyarin Deva, the Chief Executive Officer and the founder of Muaythai Iyarin Gym revealed that although it had been a challenging year for the pandemic had affected the economic situation, the demands for Muay Thai courses were still constant and considerable for Thai and other nationals. She, therefore, has been ambitious to push forth Muay Thai to

become an international sport through the application which would become news and Muay Thai variety platform for people of other nations around the globe.

Muaythai Iyarin Gym also has introduced “Lerdsila Muaythai Iyarin” as the first presenter of the application Muaythai Iyarin in which he is also one of the Muay Thai trainers on the application. The reasons why Lerdsila has been chosen are because of his appropriate characters and that he is the most favorite among his followers and intended target groups. The gym also has launched a social media campaign with Lerdsila to express thankfulness to valued fans and customers who have bought the membership package on the application. The campaign will be on Lerdsila’s social media sites and Muaythai Iyarin soon.



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