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1. Fighters who have a match in the day must present their fighter ID cards or boxer books that keep fight records, date, time, and place of each fight in details.

Both Rajadamnern and Lumpinee begin the weighing procedures in the morning at 6.30

2. The staff at the stadium will check the date of each fighter’s latest match to see whether or not they have been in the required 21-day break. If they have not, they will not be allowed to fight as according to the regulations.

3. Once a fighter passes the primary checking, he/she will proceed to physical examination with doctors who station at the stadium. The doctors will check whether or not they have any fatigue or injury. A fighter will not be allowed to fight if he/she has more than 37.5 degree celcius in body temperature with a fever.

4. There are 2 parts of weighing, the first part is a ‘weight test’, and the second part is the official weighing. In case a fighter has exceeding weight in the weight test, he/she has to make a weight cut as accordingly to the weight which has been designated by the promoter.

5. If a fighter has exceeding weight for several pounds in the final weighing, a negotiation will be set for headmen of both teams; there might be ‘weight buying’, so that the fight can still go on. For example, in case a fighter has exceeding weight of 1 pound, his/her team may ‘buy the weight’ for 10,000 baht (334 USD), or 20,000 baht for 2 pounds, depending on the agreement.


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