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A Brief Summary of Rajadamnern's History

Before 1941 - Internationalization of sports

March 1, 1941 - Construction of the “National Boxing Stadium” was initiated as a boxing sports venue and as a way to promote Muaythai to international standards.

December 23, 1945

- “National Boxing Stadium” was open for the first time after its construction was put on hold during World War II.

- Pramote Phuengsunthon was assigned as the first boxing stadium director of Thailand.


- Initially built as an open-air stadium, a construction of roofs and grandstands were complemented as Thailand’s rainy season had been proven as great hindrance for competitions. The construction was finished in the next year.


- Public company took over in administration, Rajadamnern Boxing Stadium Co., Ltd. was founded to “elevate and support Muaythai”.

- “National Boxing Stadium” was renamed “Rajadamnern Stadium”, the name by which the majority of people called it and celebrated its founding day annually on Dec 23.

Until now

- Rajadamnern Stadium has given birth to world-famous Muaythai superstars such as Phon Kingpetch, Khaosai & Khaokor Galaxy, Samart Payakaroon, Somrak Kamsing, Chatchai Chiawnoi, Venice Bor Kor Sor, Payao Poontarat, Rattanapon Sor Worapin,Chana Por Pao-in, and many, many more.

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