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Muaythai Iyarin expands its business, aiming towards being a super-app

Muaythai Iyarin expands its business, rebranding its

Muaythai Iyarin App. Responding to customers’ needs

through partnerships and joint ventures, driving Muaythai

business into global markets.

Muaythai Iyarin is expanding its business by rebranding the

Muaythai Iyarin App, driving Muaythai into global markets

through the implementation of augmented reality (AR),

artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain technologies,

strategically aiming towards being a super-app, catering to

digital lifestyles. An online marketplace platform will serve

the trading needs for Muaythai products, linking together

global business operators. An online classified feature

provides work opportunities for those in the Muaythai circle,

supporting the needs of global Muaythai businesses and

other businesses involved. This is readied through

partnerships and joint ventures, targeting at over 3 billion

Thai Baht in revenue for Muaythai businesses.

Iyarin Deva, the founder of Muaythai Iyarin Co., Ltd. stated

that the company runs and manages the Muaythai Iyarin Gym

business in Seattle, a technology hub in Washington, USA. The

business has been in operation since 2015, providing Muaythai

classes for Thais and other nationalities. In 2021, the company

launched another interactive platform, the Muaythai Iyarin App, in

response to the change in customers’ behaviors and needs during

the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Shortly after launching the Muaythai Iyarin App, it was very well-

accepted by our customers. To date, it has become an online

community for Muaythai aficionados and those interested in

Muaythai. We have users from over 137 countries world-wide.

This success has allowed us to plan for an expansion through

rebranding our Muaythai Iyarin App. From being a Muaythai

knowledge base for Thais and other nationalities, we are moving

towards becoming a full-fledged super- app. We are implementing

technologies to cover customers’ needs in all areas. Some of the

features of our new Muaythai Iyarin App includes the Muaythai

Guide, which is a knowledge base for those interested in

Muaythai. Our Muaythai Timer feature specifically answers the

needs of those training in Muaythai – it’s ad-free – the training can

go uninterrupted.

Moreover, in the second quarter of this year, we are preparing to

launch the Marketplace feature. This will be an online trading

platform which links, not only Muaythai businesses, but also all

kinds of sport equipment, allowing them to reach global markets.

Customers have the purchasing convenience at any time, 24/7.

The Pay-per-View feature is for viewing Muaythai, which helps in

promoting the sport globally. The Gym Travel feature provides air-

booking and accommodation, as well as a search feature for

Muaythai Gyms in Thailand. The Classified makes it easy for

those in the Muaythai, martial arts, and fitness industry circles to

find work in their areas. Also, in the future, we will implement

other technologies such as augmented reality- (AR), artificial

intelligence (AI), and blockchain, which will make us unique, and

strengthens the Muaythai Iyarin App.

Tony Deva, the co-founder of Muaythai Iyarin Co., Ltd. added

that, “With information acquired from, it was found that

the martial arts industry market in the US is worth about 9 billion

US dollars. Other sports businesses that involve boxing, both in

the US and Thailand, are worth about 30 million US dollars. It is

estimated that in 2025 the kick boxing circle of businesses will be

worth more than 188.4 million US dollars. The information shows

that there are opportunities in expansion, and this challenges

Muaythai operators and other involved products in finding ways to

expand into new territories. Understanding the needs of target

markets will increase the opportunity of expansion. The Muaythai

Iyarin App has been collecting information to understand

customer insights for use in our CRM strategy. We aim to provide

the best possible solutions for our customers. As a result, the

Muaythai Iyarin App will be the only all-in-one Muaythai app,

created by Thais, that covers the needs of Thai customers and

other nationals.”

Upon closing, Iyarin states, “The rebranding of Muaythai Iyarin

App also aims at enhancing the app performance and user

experience. We also want to present Thai martial arts at the

global level in order to gain more interest from users world wide.

We are looking for partnerships in various forms to develop the

Muaythai circle as well as other businesses. We expect the

Muaythai Iyarin App to be another channel that helps bring

income to other Muaythai-related businesses, whether it’s

Muaythai equipment or other activities, from a market that is worth

over 3 billion Thai baht.”


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