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The Most Creative Idea From Muaythai Iyarin Gym, Seattle

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

The most creative idea ever! MUAYTHAI IYARIN Gym, Seattle, Washington in the United States has launched the Mobile Application called "MUAYTHAI IYARIN" to generate income for Thai boxers by presenting the most compact and understandable Thai boxing techniques for Thai and foreigners to fully go against the grain into the digital industry in order to convey Thai martial art to the world.

  • MUAYTHAI IYARIN has launched "Muaythai lyarin" application which is the platform integrating extraordinary techniques from professional Thai boxers as concise as possible to convey Thai martial art to the world as well as preserving original Thai boxing because it is the national martial art of Thailand which has been proud for a long time. Besides, as well as foreigners who would like to learn how to fight and to perceive the root of Thai martial art.

  • Step into the digital world as similar to Muaythai digital to be adjustable for New Normal and New Demand because a lot of people would like to exercise or train or learn Thai boxing at home increasingly from Social Distancing.

  • Enhance the Muaythai's curriculum with content developed to meet learners' needs with a concise and understandable curriculum.

  • No problems with traveling anymore because all learners can learn original Thai boxing with Thai boxers via the application from all over the world.

  • Thai boxers have no problems with a lack of income, along with preserving Thai martial art and supporting Thai boxers to generate income by conveying their unique techniques that have been taught at nowhere. Moreover, Thai boxers will earn income from the download times of Muaythai Iyarin application around the world.

  • Generate income for Thai boxing gyms, promote tourism, and develop communities with integrated One-Stop services. To present outstanding, provide packages, accommodations, and air tickets for those who would like to visit various Thai boxing gyms in Thailand.

  • It is the first capable application of broadcasting Live Thai boxing events for a global audience.

Madam Iyarin Deva, who is the chief executive officer and the founder of MUAYTHAI IYARIN Gym, Seattle, Washington in the United States has revealed that the overall demand in learning Thai boxing has been increasing continuously and has still received excellent feedback from the advanced Thai boxing course with concise and understandable content.

It can be seen that the sustainable growth of MUAYTHAI IYARIN during five years ago has become to be Top-of-mind Thai boxing in Washington that customers always realize MUAYTHAI IYARIN when they would like to learn original Thai boxing with Thai boxers as the priority! One of all trainers is Tony Deva, who is the co-founder of MUAYTHAI IYARIN.

From the strength strategy of boxing training by Thai boxers in the current situation and Customer Insight, including the vision of the Thai boxing gym that Thai boxers can increase their income in other ways. In addition to fighting on the stadium, MUAYTHAI IYARIN has invested huge money to launch the " MUAYTHAI IYARIN " application in the form of the integrated one-stop service. It has been expected to be the best application for all Thai and international students who are interested in downloading.

The platform for Thai boxers offers video teaching in various courses offered by MUAYTHAI IYARIN, such as basic Thai boxing, essential exercise, and the best Thai boxing techniques ever. Those who are interested in can download the application from July 8, 2020 onwards. The application can be downloaded for free. But there will be a package fee for learning Thai boxing techniques from Thai boxers at a reasonable price, including accommodation and transportation services for those who would like to visit and indulge the Thai boxing vibe in Thailand closely. It can also broadcast Live Thai boxing events. The company firmly believes that this application would be well-received from Those interested in learning Thai boxing indeed.

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