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Introducing 5 Top Commentators in Current Muaythai Scene

Mister Pong

Name: Pinit Ponkan

Hometown: Ubon Ratchathani


-One of the most iconic Muaythai commentators

-Host at Muay D T-Sports

-Master of Ceremony in multiple Muaythai events such as Suek Muay Dee Withee Thai, Suek Tornamthai, and Muaythai events in other provinces outside Bangkok on many occasions

-Now working with Muaythai Iyarin Application

Odd KO

Name: Somboonsak Muangsiri

Hometown: Bangkok


-Started in 2012

-Field journalist at SMM TV

-Host of Muaythai Daily

-Muaythai commentator at Suek Petchyindee, Suek Yodmuaythai, Suek Yodmauythai, Suek Muay Mun Wan Suk, Suek Muay Mun Sanan Muang, and a boxing competition of Suek Petchyindee


Name: Danuchakan Aonwimon

Hometown: Suphan Buri


-Started in 2011

-Boxing Sports Journalist at Muaytsiam Daily/Weekly

-Radio host at FM99, Morning Sports Talk FM 101

-Host at Siamsport TV

-Muaythai and boxing commentator at Amarin TV Channel 34, Suek Chang Muathai Kiatpetch

-Host of Muaythai Stand, T-Sports Channel

-Owner of the Youtube Channel Gu แชมป์ ไม่ใช่บ๊วย

-Host of “Mo Gon Chok”

Nui Dino

Name: Surachet Pimkae

Hometown: Khon Kaen


-Journalist at Muaysiam Magazine

-Host at Siamsport TV

-Master of Ceremony in many Muaythai events

-Muaythai commentator at Amarin TV Channel 34, Suek Chang Muaythai Kiatpetch, and Channel JKN18 Suek Muaythai Fighter X

-Now working with Muaythai Iyarin Application

Nok Tanee

Name: Chuechai Ninkan

Hometown: Pattani


-Started in 1994, commentating Muaythai Kad Chuak with Samingkao

-Boxing commentator in Niwat Laosuwan’s boxing competition and many others

-Muaythai commentator at Siam Omnoi Stadium

-Muaythai commentator in Channel 3’s Suek Jaomuaythai, Thai Fight, Channel 8’s Muaythai Hardcore and Muaythai Superchamp


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