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Introducing 5 Legendary Muaythai Commentators

1. Samingkao

Name: Damrong Taithong

Hometown: Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya


Columnist at Boxing Magazine

Most Accurate Muaythai Result Prediction for 3 consecutive years

Muaythai commentator (first started in 1981)

Now commentating at Suek Petchyindee, Suek Jaomuaythai, Suek Muay Dee Withee Thai

2. Jazz Thammarat

Name: Prasit Ditamphai

Hometown: Nakhon Si Thammarat


Started out as a Master of Ceremony in Suek Jaomuaythai, Siam Omnoi Stadium in 2002

Master of Ceremony in Suek Jaomuaythai and Suek Muay Dee Withee Thai

Host at Go Sport Channel, highly renowned and experienced

Acknowledged for exceptional knowledge in Muaythai

3. Ajarn Bancha Aonwimon

Hometown: Suphan Buri


Master of Ceremony in Suek Onesongchai’s Muaythai Nai Kanom Tom in 1992, Boxing Day from 1993-1994

Professor at Krirk University

Famous for complement his commentating with in-depth Muaythai info

4. Pa Hinkong

Name: Chanchai Khotiphumcharoenkan

Hometown: Saraburi



Owner of a renown Muaythai gym

Master of Ceremony in Muaythai events

Commentator in Suek Onesongchai (1992-present)

Always comes up with fresh and new Muaythai words

Becomes Muaythai fans’ favorite commentator because of his style of commentating

5. Piek Prachin

Name: Chaiyathat Salathan

Hometown: Prachin Buri


Master of Ceremony in Boxing competition on Channel 7 in 1990

Master of Ceremony in Muayhtai competitions (1992-present)

One of fan’s favorites, known for having been a hype-man for a long time

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