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Insiders look into 3 of the U.K’s Muay Thai Elite

Liam Harrison

Tell us about your Muaythai?

I started muaythai at 13 years old at badcompany gym in Leeds England...I started just for a bit of self defence and to keep fit, but I fell in love straight away.

My first fight in Thailand I was 18 years old and I fought with wittayanoi sitkuanim ...I lost on points it was a very close fight but my opponent knew how to play the stadium game a little better than me at that time. My next 3 fights in Thailand after this one I won all 3 by knockout.

My first camp in Thailand was jittigym, I had lived here for 2 years I had lots of very good trainers here including, Singdeang Kiatdee, rajasak sor vorapin, and watarachai kaewsamrit.

I have fought all the best Thai fighters for this generation, I’ve fought with probably about 40-50 Thais, the best ones are Saenchai x3, Saggetdao x2 pakorn, Singdam, Anuwat, Sarmsamut, Rodlek, petchmorokot and many more.

My best fight with a Thai was when I beat Anuwat Kaesamrit in 2010, it was a big war which I won on points.

I would like to have a rematch with Rodlek PKsaenchai that fight was very fun he is a real warrior....from the past I would have liked to have fought Bovy Sor Udomson I think our style would have made a great fight.

I started my online training to try help up and coming muaythai practitioners all around the world, I teach seminars world wide but with my online training even if you can’t make the seminars you can still learn from me online.

Which our content you like the most?

I love the interviews with the Thai fighters after the fights in the changing area, I’ve always wanted to know what they thought of the fights and there performance and page really shows this.

Damien Trainor

Tell us about your Muaythai?

I started training in Muay Thai when I was 14 years old back in 1994. I used to pass the gym everyday when I was going to school. Then a few of my friends in my class started training and suggested that I should go a long with them to try it out.

My first fight in Thailand wasn’t on an official promotion. I did my morning training session at the gym but I returned for the afternoon session I was told I was fighting that night and that I should go back to my apartment to relax.

When I came back to the gym at 6pm I was taken to an empty bar which had a boxing ring. There was no one there other than the people my gym and the people from my opponents gym. I have no idea who I fought but I won the contest by putting my opponent down with a body punch in the 4th round.

My first opponent on an official promotion was Shutong Sinlapargon who was an ex Rajadamnern champion. This was a small event some where in Bangkok which was for the Queens Birthday.

I’ve fought 12 Thai fighters but these are the names that I know as the others I fought in Thailand and I wasn’t aware of who they were.

- Wangchannoi Sor.Parangchai 2000

- Rungchai WMC Lamai x2 2003 & 2007

- Sittichai WMC Lamai 2004

- Shutong Sinlapargon 2004

- Tawatchai Budsadee x2 2009

- Kaewkla Kaewsamrit 2010

- Phetnumchai Jittigym 2011

- Rungravee Sasiprapa 2011

My favourite fight with a Thai was against Kaewkla kaewsamrit. At the time he was ranked No6 in Rajadamnern stadium so it was a good victory for me. But the fight that people often talk about is my first fight with Tawatchai.

I think if I could have fought any Thai fighter I’d like to have competed against Pongsiri Por Ruamrudee “Rambo”. It would have been a very hard fight but I think it would have been entertaining for the crowd.

The first camp I trained at in Thailand was the Sor.Chitlada Gym and the Thai trainer there was a man called P’Chong. He’s passed away now but he taught me the sweep which I’m quite known for now.

But the first Thai trainer I ever had was a man called Nidt Caweewat. My coach would have Nidt come in once a week to help teach his fighters. I would have been 14 at the time and Nidt would spend quite a bit of time with me helping me to perfect things.

I think with today's technology online training is a great tool to utilise. Obviously, it's not as good as going to an actual gym and having a coach guide you. However, due to how fast the internet is and easy it is to connect to people all around the world. Students can easily get in touch with their favourite fighters/coaches or access material they've done to help aid their own learning. You can even have lessons via online where the coach can watch you as if it was a class. The internet has really opened the doors for a lot of people.

Which our content you like the most?

I love the historical fights of the past so I like when you share information about those fights and fighters.

Daniel McGowan

Tell us about your Muaythai?

I started doing Tae Kwon Do at the age of 4 until 9 years old, but kept getting disqualified or penalised for going to hard in tournaments so i searched for another martial art that allowed more contact and I found Muay Thai/Kick Boxing.

My first fight in Thailand was in Rajadamnern stadium just on a Sunday show in 2011. I had only just turned 15 years old a month before so this was my first ever professional fight and I won on points. I forgot my opponents name.

I think I have fought against 20 or more Thai fighters in Thailand and outside of Thailand.

The 2 most "famous" Thais i fought was Rungnarai Kiatmoo9 and Tanadet Tor Pran49 I fought both of them back to back in 2017 and won both fights.

Former Rajadamnern champion Parnpetch Sitpaphom (Sasiprapa gym) he was my first Thai trainer he moved to England after he retired from fighting.

I had a lot of good wins over the years in the stadiums against Thais but the Thais I fought were all up and coming Thais as Petchyindee were trying to build my name. But beating Rungnarai Kiatmoo9 was definitely my favourite win of my career because a lot of people expected me to lose but I had a good plan and cruised to a KO victory. A lot of people then used the weight as an excuse but after that I was fighting at 117lbs and Rungnarai also fought up to 118lbs after our fight.

I always wanted to fight Wanchalong, we were matched on Top King World Series in 2017 but the event got cancelled. I loved his personality and style and think me and him would of been an amazing fight. But now I would like to fight the best fighters whoever it is at my weight.

Online training is a really good idea for people to study certain Muay Thai techniques or styles in depth when they are not in the gym.

Which our content you like the most?

I love the translated interviews you guys do, I like to know what is going on in the stadium circuit still even tho im not in Thailand now.

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