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get to know Muaythai Iyarin application

Updated: Aug 9, 2020

#1 Muaythai Mobile Application - Learn Muaythai with Original Muaythai Fighters!

Muaythai Iyarin Application delivers basic to advance Muaythai training, Muay Boran, and Muay Kard Chuek from the best Muaythai Trainers/Fighters.

Our classes are designed to accommodate members of all different skill, fitness levels, and goals.

If you are interested in learning Muaythai in the land of its birth, let us help you plan your visit. Special Packages for Training Muaythai in Thailand include hotel and flight.

Want to know more about Muaythai Iyarin Application? Here are the top features that will help you achieve Muaythai skills quickly or be ready for your first match.

Muaythai Basic

For newbie - Want to learn but don't know how to start? This feature allows you to learn or fine-tune your basic footwork, stance, and strikes from anywhere with the right and unique safety techniques. All for FREE with a single press of your finger!

Muaythai Conditioning

Let's get it more intense! Fit your strength to learn Muaythai. Improve your strength, speed, and stamina with our video content led by a USA Weightlifting Certified Coach. For beginner to advanced fighters. Free, Free, and FREE to download!

Muaythai Techniques

Train with the pros to be a pro! Worth every penny - Packed with an extensive collection of videos with techniques led by world-class fighters from the 1980s through today. Only $29.99, one-time payment, and all-time access.

Muaythai Courses

Learn, practice, and get in touch for questions and feedback with your favorite Fighters/Trainers. Discover secrets of deadly kick, badass combos, killer elbow knockout, and many more. Get in-depth content and communicate directly with Thailand’s top fighters. Start at $29.99 only.

Muaythai Gyms

Train in Thailand: Find a gym and plan your stay. Feel the real deal from the original one! All the hotel, flight, and everything are all in this program. Pack your stuff, and let's fly to Thailand To learn original Muaythai Techniques. Secure payment for booking all the accommodations. Pay on the app and Hop on the Plane!

Muaythai Shop

Everything you need to get training, from boxing rings to apparel and supplements. Turn your house to be Muaythai Gym with this feature!

Are you ready yet! Get this app today on Android. Click on Icon and Enjoy Free Muaythai Training!

IOS is coming soon.

Do you want to improve your Muaythai Skills? SIGN UP or LIKE our Facebook and Instagram to get ready for your New Muaythai journey.           

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