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Did you know there’s a dish unique to Thailand called “American fried rice”?

Though it’s called “American fried rice”, it actually basically has nothing to do with American culture. Some said it originated from Lady Suripan Maneewat who was a manager of Raja Thani Restaurant, a restaurant of the State Railway of Thailand which was located in Don Muang International Airport. One morning, an international flight designated to Don Muang airport was canceled, resulting in an enormous amount of leftovers such as sausages, fried eggs, ketchup - ingredients of American-style breakfast at Lady Suripan’s. Not wanting to waste all the stuff, Lady Suripan fixed herself some fried rice with some ketchup and ate it with sausages and fried eggs. It somehow became popular, thanks to both Thai and American air force officers, so Lady Suripan named it “American fried rice”. At the time, the ingredients were altered each day; it was served with sausages on one day, and with roasted chicken, or fried beef on others. Today, it is served with fried chicken, some hams, and a fried egg.

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