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Did you know Sianngow got into Competitive Muaythai because of a fight with his neighbor?

Sianngow Sitbangrajan was born in Nakhon Pathom in 1951, but he moved to Korat to make a living through his traditional noodle and coffee shop. He first got into the Muaythai scene as a gambler. But because he had a quarrel with one of his fellows, he challenged him to a Muaythai fight with money on the line. Sianngow managed to win the fight, so he transitioned into a professional Muaythai fighter at the age of 23 which is considered a late start in Thailand’s scene.

Sianngow was one of the last opponents of the likes of Apidech Sithiran, Put Lorlek, and Kraipetch Sor Pratheep. He once contested for a lightweight title against Siprae Kiatsomphop and won. After he retired, he opened a Muaythai gym. The famous fighters in his gym were Pichit and Pichitnoi who later became world champions.

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