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Did you know Rajadamnern banned bottled drinks because of a huge disturbance in 1961?

This picture of a boy selling soft drinks in glass bottles was taken by Forman Harison in 1960. Back in the days, soft drinks in glass bottles were carried in a wooden crate to sell to the sport fans in the stadium until 1961, on the day Payaknoi Klongpachon took on the flyweight champion, Plainnoi Ror For Tor for his title. The challenger was dominating the fight with the odds of 20-1 in his favor, but at the end of the bout, the referee announced the champion the winner of the match by decision. Thus, a riot broke out among the crowd on the 2nd and the 3rd class of the stand. They shouted showing their disapprovals in angry manners, and threw objects including glass soda bottles down from the stands. Some of the debris that was thrown down hit the audience in the ringside causing multiple injuries. From then on, Rajadamnern has banned the selling of bottled drinks on the 2nd and the 3rd class until now.

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