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Did you know a mystic item from Ajarn Pramote Hoymook made Nampon win a fight unscratched?

Nampon Nongkeepahuyuth used to be called "theTissue-faced Knee Striker” because he always got cut in the face no matter if he won or lost in his matches. That’s where Ajarn Pramote Hoymook, the owner of Nongkeepahuyuth Gym came in.

As Nampon, who was the Lumpinee featherweight champion in Suek Onesongchai promotion at the time, was challenged by Sanpetch Lukrangsi, Ajarn Pramote bestowed him “wan kangkok” (toad herbs) which was a bundle of herbs believed to possess black magic power. According to a belief of people who live on Thai-Burmese borders, the herb grants the carrier an invincibility, making him invulnerable to lethal weapons and other black magic. Ajarn Pramote traveled across the country to find a bunch of it for his beloved student. As a result, Nampon successfully defended his title with no damage on his face against Sanpetch.

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