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8 Traditional Drinks you can find in Thai Restaurants

1. Olieng

A drink similar to black coffee, but the olieng coffee beans were roasted with corn kernels, tamarind seeds, and others in the past as a way to save cost. The smell and the taste of this drink are quite distinguishable from those of black coffee. It is usually served on iced in Thai-Chinese coffee houses.

2. Cha Thai

Thai tea is actually color-modified, sweetened ceylon tea accompanied by milk. Like other Thai drinks, it is usually served on ice and with some extra sugar. However, it’s not wrong to ask for a cup of hot Cha Thai or a no-sugar version either.

3. Cha Dam Yen

As you may know, ‘cha’ means ‘tea’, while ‘dam’ means ‘black’, and ‘yen’ means ‘cold’. So Cha Dam Yen is basically iced black tea with a little sugar. Some old school coffee houses add a bit of lime juice merely enough for a citrus smell and without turning it into lemon tea completely.

4. Chrysanthemum Tea

Chrysanthemum tea is another sweet iced drink, but it’s specialized in cooling you down in hot weather. Though it looks like tea, this golden drink doesn’t have any caffeine and is quite beneficial for health.

5. Roselle Juice

It is a chilled drink made by putting either dried or fresh roselle into boiling water. After filtering the red flowers out of its juice, some salt, sugar, and honey are added. It tastes both sweet and sour, a nice refreshment in the heat of sunny weather.

6. Pink Milk / Green Milk

Pink milk and green milk are also called “Nom Yen”, which means ‘cold milk’ in Thai. It’s milk mixed with either red salak cider syrup or green cream soda syrup and sweetened condensed milk and sugar. Though it’s a good refreshment, you shouldn’t have too much of it because only a cup means already having to deal with way too much sugar.

7. Tiger Herbal Juice

Tiger herbal drinks are not so easy to find in food houses nowadays, probably because only matured people like them. The drink has a little sweet and grassy taste with a little bit of bitter aftertaste. Despite its unconventional tastes, it has both stress-relieving and eye-caring benefits.

8. Butterfly Pea Juice

Butterfly pea juice looks so refreshing with its bright purple color. With a little squeeze of fresh lime juice, its color amazingly changes to bright blue, even more appealing indeed. The drink is usually sweet and has the fragrance of a tropical flower, so lime juice helps add a special kick into it.


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