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5 Amazing Views to Enjoy Quality Meals in Thailand

1. Morning coffee with hidden village view at Mae Kampong, Chiang Mai

Mae Kam Pong is located around 50 kilometers from Chiang Mai. It is a peaceful village that is in a valley of Amphur Mae On that has recently become quite popular among Thai tourists. Spend a day here, trekking around the village, enjoying beautiful northern Thai culture in a serene atmosphere, and sleeping in a local homestay. A breathtaking view of the village awaits in the morning; a kind of view you will surely enjoy while having a cup of hot coffee.

2. Brunch with mountainous view at Khao Yai, Korat

Khao Yai is only about two hours drive from Bangkok, so you can get up early and drive to the big mountain to get a brunch. There are various cafes with great food and coffee to choose from. There are also many landmarks and activities at the big mountain. That being said, after refueling with a tasty brunch, you can enjoy the rest of the day exploring one of the most popular National Parks located nearby Bangkok.

3. Lunch by seaside at Pattaya

Pattaya might be the first to come to people’s mind when thinking of a beach city. With its great location, you can quickly get there to have a seafood meal for lunch while enjoying some fresh sea breeze and chilling out there for a few hours if you feel like it. One does not get bored of the lively beach so easily.

4. Afternoon tea at the lake on the mountain at Ban Rak Thai, Mae Hong Son

The northern region of Thailand is known for having a lot of unseen villages. Ban Rak Thai, though known by a lot of Thai tourists, is relatively a quiet attraction. The village is renowned for its quality tea that is organically grown at 1,776 meters above sea level. Having an afternoon tea by the lake of the village that is indulged in Yunnan culture is an amazing experience you may not expect to find on your trip in Thailand.

5. Dinner by riverside, Bangkok

Believe it or not, Bangkok used to be regarded as another “Venice of Asia”. Hence, you might miss out on one of its best vibes completely if you don’t dine by the riverside. For the best experience, you should choose to enjoy some traditional Thai cuisines alongside some quality drinks while letting the lively river banks of Bangkok lighten up your night. Some of the riverside restaurants might even have some great live music to accompany your meal. This is a way to enjoy the city most people don’t even think of.

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