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The Father of Channel 7 Muaythai

Tiamboon Intarabut, a.k.a. Tiamboon Boxing Show, was born in a wealthy family of Lamphang, Thailand, in 1926. He lived an extreme life in his childhood and teenage years before he turned towards promoting boxing sports in Thailand. He came to fame by hosting Phon Kingpetch’s boxing championship bout in which the Thai contender contested to reclaim his world flyweight title from Hiroyuki Ebihara. It was the first time ever in Thailand that a boxing world title bout was broadcast on television. Tiamboon was also responsible for hosting Chatchainoi vs Panthip Kaewsuriya which was one of the most memorable championship bouts of Thailand. Despite all of his work, the most prominent of all is laying a roadmap for Saensak Muangsurin to achieve the world boxing champion title within 3 fights. This venture is widely known as the “3-step stairway plan”.

Aside from his organizing work, Tiamboon was the one pioneering a new way to promote boxing sports such as writing marches for cheering in boxing matches and organizing boxing matches in Royal Charity events. He was regarded as a role-model promoter for those looking to walk his path.

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