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Muaythai Techniques

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

Train anywhere with the Muaythai Iyarin that gives you access to everything you need to build Muaythai skills just about anywhere—from your living room to a gym in Thailand. We've curated the best of conditioning, techniques from well-known Thai fighters and coaches, and courses that help you learn from the world's best.

Petchtaksin Sor.Sommai Muaythai Techniques

Power hand knockout combos, feint kick into elbow strike, incapacitating knee strike, how to destroy the opponent’s rhythm with throws. Petchtaksin is one of Thailand’s strongest relentless fighters. He is good with both the brain and the brawl. Watch Petchtaksin Muaythai Techniques

Lerdsila Phukettopteam Muaythai Techniques

How to kick with speed, leg kick feint into head kick, leg kick feint into a roundhouse kick. Lerdsila is a one-of-a-kind technical fighter with unpredictable feints, high fight I.Q., and sharp reflex. Watch Lerdsila Muaythai Techniques

Superlek Kiatmoo9 Muaythai Techniques

Strong kick, kick timing practice, strong defense, strong knockout strike. Superlek is a dangerous fighter in the small weight division. His strength is well-rounded worthy of the reputation of a world-class muay femur. Watch Superlek Muaythai Techniques

Kaew-Ta Por.Meungpetch Muaythai Techniques

Ropes utilization, Jorakae Fad Hang, knocking down with a push to the ropes followed by flying knee. Kaewta is one of the best Thailand’s female Muay Thai fighters who can hardly be matched against. She can manhandle men in a fight with ease. Watch Kaew-Ta Muaythai Techniques

Silapathai Jockygym Muaythai Techniques

Reverse elbow, disruptive teep, catch kick and throw fast and hard. Silapathai is a grandmaster of technical Muay Thai in golden era. His fight I.Q. and reflex are second to none. He is widely respected among Thailand’s champions as an undefeatable muay femur in the international level. Watch Silapathai Muaythai Techniques

Chatchai Sasakul Muaythai Techniques

How to punch like a world-class puncher, how to counter a kicker like a pro, how to neutralize opponent’s weapons brilliantly. With countless trophies to guarantee his prowess in both Muaythai and boxing, Chatchai could be regarded as another living legend of the world. Watch Chatchai Muaythai Techniques

Sudsakorn Sor.Klinmee Muaythai Techniques

Paksa Wakrung, neck lock in clinch, kick catch followed by flying knee. Sudsakorn is a well-equipped muay femur who has knocked out countless opponents. Watch Sudsakorn Muaythai Techniques

Superbank Mor.Rattanabandit Muaythai Techniques

Muay femur’s knockout tactics. Superbank is well-equipped with elbows, knees and throws from clinch. He has all kind of tactics to knock out the opponent in style. He is one of the most famous fighters in this era. Watch Superbank Muaythai Techniques

Jo Hongthong Muaythaigym Muaythai Techniques

Clinch throw, muay khao counter, how to strategically counter game plan. Joe is one of the most recognized trainers among foreign Muay Thai practitioners. Watch Jo Hongthong Muaythai Techniques

Yodbuangam Sor.Chokkitchai Muaythai Techniques

Intensive head kick practice, counter with stabbing knee, clinch throw. Yodbua-ngam is famous for his head kicks which can knock the opponent out in no time. Watch Yodbuangam Muaythai Techniques


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