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Original Muaythai 

We are a Muaythai company based in Thailand dedicated to sharing traditional Thai martial arts around the world. Muaythai Iyarin is a World Muaythai Council (WMC) representative and has a partnership with the Rangsit International Stadium in Thailand.

Our goal is to expand the art of Muaythai by breaking past geographic boundaries and providing reliable information using our Muaythai App—the first of its kind to offer the complete Muaythai lifestyle experience in a single platform. The Muaythai Iyarin app includes Muaythai training, news, fight analysis and history with premium content. The app gives you access to news and information from top providers, including Mr. Pong and Muay D Tsport, the Thai national Muaythai channel.

In addition to their app-based content, Muaythai Iyarin offers world-class martial arts training in Muaythai gym seattle, WA. Muaythai Iyarin takes a holistic approach to training to ensure that their students not only build muscle and learn proper technique, but also develop an appreciation for Muaythai culture and tradition.

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