What You’ll Get


At Muaythai Iyarin, you’ll be part of a fun, supportive community, while developing your Muaythai weapons into useful self-defense techniques—All while getting a great workout.


Whether you’re a beginner learning the basics, a fighter adding to your toolbox, or a trainer looking to level up your techniques, book a session and learn straight from original Thai trainer.

What you will get to improve your skills!

  • Basic through advanced Muaythai training and self-defense

  • A fun, challenging way to stay fit

  • Total body strength and conditioning

  • Achieve your goal.

Original muay thai program training

Class schedule

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History of Muaythai:  basic rules, etiquette standards, and manners.

Thai vocabulary: counting and names for strikes.

Techniques: basic stance and movement, basic punches, knees, push kick, kick, basic striking combinations, basic clinch. 


Continuation: Thai culture and vocabulary. 


Techniques: intermediate footwork and movement, Intermediate striking combinations, pad holding drills, attack/defense drills, kick variations 1-8, elbows, Intermediate knees, and clinch: attack and defense.

Introduction to sparring drills. 


Continuation of Thai culture and vocabulary. 

Techniques: advanced footwork and movement, sparring drills, catch, takedown, sweep techniques, advanced clinch, and advanced pad holding. 

Competition rules.

Private Service

Private training helps address the specific needs or goals of each student.

As you train, we’ll help explain and follow up to make sure you’re putting the techniques to use.

We will also create your training plan and schedule just for you.