Combat Workout

Combat Workout

Combat workout is a group class offered at Muaythai Iyarin which blends together the benefits of traditional Muay Thai, Boxing, and Strength and Conditioning.


All programs, classes, and techniques are led by nationally-recognized certified coaches with prior combat sport/martial arts experience.


We are committed to providing each member a scientific and personalized approach to training so that you can meet your goals whether you are new to training, a weekend warrior, a sport-specific athlete, or combat sport athlete/Martial Artist.

We are a community-driven gym offering programs that give clients the option to choose if they want to work in general strength and conditioning, combat strength and conditioning, and/or martial arts.


Our gym is committed to improving longevity and overall well-being for all members looking to benefit from developing lean muscle mass, losing weight, supplementing their current martial arts training schedule, and MORE!

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